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Southern Oregon Senior Care

Elder woman and her caretaker

Adult Foster Homes in Central Point Oregon

Owned and operated by a Team of Qualified Medical Professionals with a background in geriatric care, home health, and assisted living. 

Transitioning from home to assisted living is a huge step in life, which can significantly affect one's emotional well being. At Southern Oregon Senior Care, we have reimagined what assisted living can be. The unfortunate reality of larger assisted living facilities is that due to caregiver/resident ratios, residents can end up left with unmet needs. We truly bring the family to the center of our care by having our elderly residents live in an Residential Elderly Care Home. With a maximum of 5 residents in a home, and a Live-In Caregiver caring for them, we can eliminate neglect and truly help residents become a part of the family.

Lending a Helping Hand

Home Centered Assisted Living

When you combine assisted living with a family centered environment, loving relationships develop, and quality of life improves.

Family Visit
Suburban Homes

Our Locations


Orchardview House

175 Orchardview Ave.

Central Point, Oregon 97502



Ridgeway House

794 Ridgeway Ave.

Central Point, Oregon 97502


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